Vrahinari beach


An unrivaled sandy beach on the island’s western coast, with emerald-green waters and an impressive sunset view.
Swim in its crystal clear waters and explore its rich and varied seabed.

The beach is flanked by a small rocky outcrop which separates it from the adjoining beach on one side, and a low peninsula that extends toward
the horizon on the other. The bowl-shaped cavities in the rocks trap the seawater as the waves wash over them. When the seawater evaporates in the scorching sun, what’s left is pure sea salt (afrála). The locals call these cavities líbbes and the salt that is harvested from them is sprinkled on the traditional kefalonian riganáda:
dry bread, oil, tomato, oregano,
afrála and feta cheese.
On the beach there are umbrellas and beach chairs. At the cantina, Sakis
will be happy to serve you
an ouzo and locally produced delicacies. Ask them about organizing your own moonlight beach party, with music, drinks, bonfires, nighttime swimming and whatever else your heart desires.

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